Missoula Disc Golf F.A.Q

Missoula has a thriving disc golf community that has blossomed thanks to the efforts of the Garden City Flyers! Unfortunately, right now the club’s website makes it hard to find current information and updates. For the most updated info, I’d recommend checking the GCF Facebook page.

Disclaimer: I’m not on the club’s board of directors or claim to speak in any official capacity for the Garden City Flyers.

Is Pattee Canyon Open for Disc Golf?
The Pattee Canyon course is open each year from July 1st – October 31st.

When do the Garden City Flyers play?
The Bag-Tag Challenge/Course Clean Up rounds occur Thursday evenings around 6 PM spanning from Summer to Fall. Start times are determined by the amount of daylight. Check the GCF Facebook page for the most recent information.

How Much Does it Cost to Join the Garden City Flyers?

Type of membershipBenefits of membershipCost of membership
Standard membershipIncludes the choice of 1 disc from the GCF store, a Club decal, and all the rights and privileges of being a GCF Club Member. $20 for men, or $10 for women/juniors.
No Frills MembershipAll the benefits of the Standard membership without the merchandise. $10
New Member All the benefits of a Standard Membership but includes the choice of 2 discs. $20
New Member No FrillsAll the benefits of a Standard membership but without the merchandise. $10
Garden City Flyers Bag TagThe opportunity to compete against other members in the weekly bag tag/clean up challenge. You must be a GCF member to purchase a bag tag. $15 for men, or $5 for women/juniors

Is Sky Ranch Open for Play?
The Sky Ranch property has recently been sold and the new owners are not currently interested in opening the course to the public. They have agreed to open Sky Ranch up for a couple of special events throughout the season.

Is the Fort Missoula Course Open?
The Fort Missoula Course uses the same baskets as Pattee Canyon. The GCF club pulls the baskets from Pattee Canyon and installs them at Fort Missoula. The course is open from November 1st – March 31st.

I’ve never played Blue Mountain before. Is there a course map?
Check out Jason’s virtual tour and course map of Blue Mountain over at Disc Golf Course Tours.