Introducing Grow the Sport Sunday League!

The following is a message from Greg Slater who has recently formed a 6-week PDGA sanctioned league. If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out to him. – Tyler

Round three will be at Pattee Canyon this Sunday, July 12th at noon.

Hi all! Welcome to the official page for the Grow the Sport Sunday League. If you are looking for scores, the PDGA page for this event can be found HERE. After reading the following if you have any questions please contact me at 503-437-8488. More info on PDGA Leagues can be found here:
Here’s what you need to know:

This league was created with a few specific goals in mind:

1. Provide local players a chance to play sanctioned rounds and contribute to their PDGA ratings at a time when there are very few tournaments being played in the immediate area.

2. Provide newer players the chance to play in a sanctioned round and learn the official rules of Disc Golf while also establishing their first official PDGA ratings.

3. Provide a competitive environment for those who want to compete for payouts against other players at their level.

4. Encourage players to register with the PDGA. More info on PDGA Membership and the benefits it offers can be found at this page:

  • League runs every Sunday at 12:00 PM beginning June 28th, ending August 2nd
    • Locations will vary week to week and are TBD but will include Blue Mountain and Pattee Canyon. The location will be posted on Friday by 8 PM on this page and the GCF Facebook page.
    • You do not need to be a PDGA member to participate, but only PDGA members will receive ratings for their rounds. Unofficial ratings will appear after each round is posted and will only become official once the league has been completed in August, at which time they will count towards your player rating.
    • Pre-registration is strongly encouraged: it will speed up the registration process and make things run much more smoothly. A text message to my number (503-437-8488) stating your name and the division you wish to play in/be scored in and payment to Venmo (@Gregory-Slater) or PayPal Friends & Family ([email protected]) is sufficient.
    • If you buy-in day-of with cash, please arrive at least 20 minutes before the round. For the sake of starting on time, registration will close at 11:50 AM and you must be present at this time or your entry fee will be forfeit. This is a hard and fast rule.
    • A small amount of each entry fee will be donated to the Garden City Flyers for course improvements at Blue Mountain and Pattee Canyon.
    • Payouts will be top 40% of each division at a minimum and will be made in cash.
    • Being a sanctioned event we will be following the PDGA guidelines for social distancing during play which can be found HERE. Please maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and others upon arrival at the course. While collecting fees and completing registration I will have a mask and gloves and hand sanitizer available.
    • I will not be running an Ace Pot. If someone in attendance wishes to run one they may do so based on interest from other players.

Given the stated goals of this league, we will have 4 divisions available each week. 

For the purposes of stated goal number 2, all rounds will be a random draw and split between two pools for all players: Open and Amateur. Payouts will be calculated according to the divisions listed below. If 3 or more women are present and wish to play on a card together, they may do so. The same applies to Juniors.

  • MPO (Pro Open) – For players whose primary purpose is to compete for payouts at the highest level.
    • $10 buy-in
      • $.50 to PDGA
      • $1.50 to Garden City Flyers.
      • $8 to payouts
    • If there are 3 or more MPO 40+ players who wish to form their own division they may do so before the round.
  • FPO (Pro Open Women) – For female players whose primary purpose is to compete for payouts at the highest level. Minimum 2 players required.
    • $10 buy-in
      • $.50 to PDGA
      • $1.50 to GCF
      • $8 to payouts
  • Amateur (MA1/MA2) – For new and experienced players who wish to compete for a small payout in a competitive environment.
    • $5 buy-in
      • $.50 to PDGA
      • $1.50 to GCF
      • $3 to payouts
  • Non-payout “Grow the Sport” Amateur division (MA1/MA2) – For players newer to the game whose primary goal is to gain PDGA ratings and/or learn the official rules of sanctioned play with no chance for payout. Juniors are highly encouraged to join at this level and may report their scores under any Junior Division they are eligible for if they are a PDGA Member.
    Note: These players will be put in the same pot as buy-in Amateurs for the random draw at the start of the round.
    • $1 minimum buy-in (per PDGA League rules)
      • $.50 to PDGA
      • $.50 to GCF

Some important information about PDGA league rules. I will have a copy of the official PDGA Rulebook with me on the course which may be referenced for any questions before or after the round. Here is a link to the official PDGA Rulebook.

  • All players will play the same tees each round. Ratings are calculated collectively for all players.
  • You may request your scores be submitted to the PDGA for any division for which you are eligible. If you wish to compete in Open for the chance at a bigger payout but want your score submitted under MA1(Advanced) or MA2(Intermediate), you may do so provided you have Amateur status. Amateur divisions will be registered under Intermediate (MA2) by default. Please inform me of which division you wish to enter for the payout pool and score upon registration.

Please note: To encourage weekly participation on the amateur side I will have end-of-season prizes available for top-3 finishers in the following divisions: Advanced (MA1), Intermediate (MA2), Juniors (Under-18), and Amateur Women. Standings will be calculated following the final round and prizes will be distributed the following week

  • You must follow the rules for PDGA sanctioned events during the round. This includes holing out (807.B), C1 putting restrictions (806.01), and proper marking of discs, i.e. no flipping of discs (802.06). This is an opportunity to practice and learn for everyone. If you see a rule violation, you are encouraged to notify the player in a friendly manner and avoid assessing a stroke penalty (if applicable) for a first-time violation (in accordance with the stated league goal of providing an opportunity for new players to learn the official rules). If you have any questions on rules please make a note, throw a provisional if necessary, and I will answer it at the end of the round.

This league is inclusive and ALL are welcome. All players are expected to follow the guidelines set by the PDGA for conduct on the course. Information on courtesy violations may be found HERE. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave at any time at my discretion.

That being said, I don’t expect any problems as the GCF is a wonderful community and a lot of fun to be a part of. As the great Ian Anderson would say, Let’s play some disc golf!

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