My name is Tyler and I’m the founder of The Chain Out. The idea for this started when I was a new disc golfer who was overwhelmed by how hard it was to learn about disc golf. I started picking the brains of long time golfers and started digging deep into forgotten parts of the internet to learn all that I could. I quickly realized that you can learn from top pros and local legends. The insights gained from the little known players can be just as valuable compared to what you’d learn from the most well known touring professionals. 

An ace on hole 14 at Pattee Canyon

That’s how The Chain Out was born. My purpose is to inspire action through my articles, reviews, and ideas. 

I believe that: 

  • Disc golf is for everyone. 
  • Win/win/win situations make the world go round. 
  • Long term sustainability beats short term profits.
  • Smooth is far and far is smooth.

The Chain Out is headquartered in Missoula, Montana and is the biggest fan of the Garden City Flyers.