An ace on hole 14 at Pattee Canyon

Hello, my name is Tyler. 

And this is my blog. 

I grew up in the city of Great Falls, Montana where I spent a lot of time learning how to properly walk on ice in swirling winds. I attended Great Falls High School, am an alumnus of the University of Montana, and last but not least, I am absolutely fascinated by disc golf and ultimate frisbee. 

While attending the University of Montana I studied marketing, entertainment management, and sustainable business strategy. I dedicated my time outside of school and work to ultimate and disc golf. I played collegiate men’s ultimate for Smokejump was voted by my teammates to be a captain during the 2018-19 season and I’ve also played for Montana’s legendary club team the Mental Toss Flycoons. In between all the ultimate, I played disc golf and volunteered with the Garden City Flyers. I must’ve hauled my fair share of baskets or tee pads around the disc golf course because in 2019 the Flyers named me one of three volunteers of the year

In my free time, I hike, run, lift weights, do judo, listen to pop-punk music, play paintball, read, stretch, paddleboard, practice disc golf even more than usual, watch King of the Hill, look at cute cats on the internet, and eat serviceberries. I can also wiggle my hair. 

My favorite color is powder blue because I grew up idolizing LaDainian Tomlinson

I live in Missoula and share my life with a wonderful lady, a variety of houseplants with elegant leaves, and a handsome tuxedo cat.