Yeti League: Winter 2020-Spring 2021

After the Garden City Flyer’s normal Bag Tag Challenge/Clean Up rounds end for the season, there is still an outlet for the die-hard disc golfers to play weekly organized rounds.

Yeti League runs throughout winter and early spring for those disc golfers who are dedicated enough to play in less than stellar conditions. It is a weekly tag round that occurs every Saturday (unless there is a Zootown Open Fundraiser Tournament) and starts at 11:00 AM. There is a one-time $10 cost to purchase a bag tag for the Yeti league. Additionally, there is an ace pot you can opt to buy into, but that is totally up to your discretion.

The Yeti League plays its rounds at the temporary winter course at the Linda Vista golf course or the temporary winter course at Fort Missoula. Please keep in mind that it costs $5 to play a round at the Linda Vista course.

Look for an announcement on the GCF’s Facebook page to see which course the league is meeting at.

This is definitely a late announcement, so I apologize for that. As I’m writing this (3/11/21) the winter course at Linda Vista has shut down for the season. There has not been an announcement regarding when the regular GCF Bag tag/Clean Challenge rounds will resume. In the meantime, Yeti League will continue to run on Saturdays at 11:00 AM at the Fort Missoula Course.